CASPER foresees to publish the following deliverables as they become available.


Due date


This report will map the main EU policy frameworks targeting quality and excellence in research and education in order understand the opportunities for a gender equality certification/award scheme. In addition, the report contains an initial screening of main award and certification schemes across Europe.


February 2020. Report is available for download: Nason, Giulia, and Maria Sangiuliano. 2020. “Policy Framing Report,” April.


State of the Art Analysis: mapping the awarding certification landscape in HE/Research in Europe. Based upon detailed reviews by +28 national experts.


June 2020. Report is available for download: Nason, Giulia, and Maria Sangiuliano. 2020. “State of the Art Analysis: Mapping the Awarding Certification Landscape in Higher Education and Research,” June. .


Report of key prerequisites for effective award/certification system. Based upon extensive stakeholder consultation processes, this report will provide a summary of "must-haves" and "nice-to-haves" for a future award/certification scheme for gender equality. The report provides the basis for the design of three award/certification schemes.


December 2020. Report is available for download:
Tzanakou, Charikleia, Shireen Chilcott, Kate Clayton-Hathway, and Anne Laure Humbert. 2020. “Key Prerequisites for a Europe-Wide Gender Equality Scheme,” December. .


Describes three possible award/certification scenarios that have been validated with different stakeholders. A fourth "no action" scenario is included.


November 2021


Policy recommendations related to the perspectives connected to the implementation of a European ertification/ award system for gender equality in research organisations


December 2021