Yellow Window (YW, Belgium)

Yellow Window is a multi-disciplinary consultancy specializing in product, service and policy design, and with particular expertise in the fields of mobility (public transport), gender equality and social innovation. Our team is multicultural and is accustomed to working in different countries. Office staff is capable of working in seven of the official EU languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Czech and Portuguese). As far as the disciplinary profile of Yellow Window staff is concerned, we have in our team economists, political scientists, psychologists, as well as persons with creative and technical backgrounds, like industrial designers.

Beyond the execution of political, economic and social studies, Yellow Window develops methodological tools, designs and facilitates consultation processes and advises public bodies in the context of expert groups. We are experienced in identifying and mobilising relevant stakeholders, including experts, for consultation processes.

YW is involved in most activities linked to designing a potential certification or award scheme and leads WP 5, which has as objective to organize participative workshops with stakeholders to co-create 4 system-scenarios (3 + no-action scenario).