Smart Venice, srl (SV, Italy)

SmartVenice is a small company founded in 2014 on the initiative of Italian entrepreneurs and professionals with multidisciplinary local and international expertise inspired by the idea of promoting new patterns of sustainable innovation. Smart Venice's mission is to work on the intersections between social and technological innovation, civic participation with a focus on inclusion and diversity and with a focus on gender equality policies and innovative ways to design and implement them. SV operates through a range of activities spanning from research, training and supporting organizational and community learning, co-design and co-creation to communication and business start-up.

SmartVenice is building on the expertise of its CEO and Co-Founder, Maria Sangiuliano, in 3 main EU funded projects on Gender Equality Plans for Structural Changes in Research Organizations (H2020 EQUALIST) and on inclusive urban ecosystems, like the FP7 SeiSMiC Project, where a Gender & Social Innovation in Cities Toolkit was designed and tested in 10 national networks of social innovators, and the H2020 WeHubs project, where survey on Women Web Entrepreneurs was carried out and a Scorecard for gendered transformations in digital start-up ecosystems.

In CASPER, Smart Venice will be leading the research and assessment of the State of the Art on gender equality in Research and Innovation, also by coordinating a network of national experts in mapping the landscape. It will play a supportive role in all the other aspects of the project.