Conoscenza e Innovazione (K&I, Italy)

K&I is a social research organisation established in 2016. Its members have been working professionally in different research institutions carrying out, among others, around 30 projects in the frame of the EU DG research FP6, FP7 and H2020 on issues such as the socialisation of scientific research; gender and science; public engagement and responsible research and innovation (RRI); environmental sustainability and energy transition; privacy and security.

The mission of K&I is to increase the relevance and effectiveness of the social sciences to interpret the profound processes of change that are affecting contemporary societies, understanding how they are evolving over time, identifying connected societal stress and investigating available options and tools for their effective management.

In CASPER, K&I participates in the process of mapping the landscape and evaluating existing award/certification systems, as well as in designing the scenarios. Moreover, K&I coordinates the final validation of the scenarios, entailing a new consultation of stakeholders and a walk-through usability test, besides a final validation with experts.