Welcome to the CASPER project.

Building Consensus towards European Gender Equality Certification

The CASPER project will examine the feasibility of establishing a European award/certification system for gender equality for Research Performing Organizations. Based upon an extensive assessment of available systems and needs across Europe and beyond, we will develop and evaluate three possible scenarios that pave the ground for a realistic EU wide award/certification framework. Overall, we pursue three objectives:

  1. To map and assess existing award and certification systems for gender equality (and related schemes) and to identify existing needs for such a system on the European level

  2. Design three different award/certification scenarios and assess the feasibility of these scenarios plus a fourth no-action scenario along several dimensions.

  3. Prepare the ground for a successful roll-out of a European award/certification scheme

We recognize that the implementation of Gender Equality Plans is a key instrument for institutional change in research organizations. Certification/award schemes for gender equality can act as a prominent driver for the success of these Gender Equality Plans. Promotion and evaluation activities can enable a better understanding of organizational diversity and contribute towards inducing structural and culture change. Furthermore, such schemes can enhance the inclusivity and gender-sensitivity of research and innovation content.