European Certification System to Promote Gender Equality in Research

Final conference

The CASPER project has examined the feasibility of establishing a European award/certification system for gender equality for Research Performing Organizations. Based upon an extensive assessment of available certification schemes and needs across Europe and beyond, we have developed and evaluated three possible scenarios. The two-day final webinars will present the project results and bring together gender equality practitioners, researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders of the European research and innovation system.


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Day 1: CASPER co-creation journey to develop scenarios for a European-wide Certification Scheme for Gender Equality

14th of March 2022 - 14:00 - 17:00 CET 

The first webinar will focus on the main results of CASPER and the related policy recommendations. The results of the mapping of existing certificates in Europe and beyond will be presented, together with the work carried out to develop and validate three different gender equality certification scenarios. A panel discussion on the potential impact that a a Europe-wide certification system on gender equality in R&I can have  will close the first day. 


Day 2: Operational tools to support institutional change

21st of March 2022 - 14:00 - 17:00 CET 

The second webinar is dedicated to discussing the operational tools developed by CASPER to support Gender Equality mainstreaming and institutional changes. The first part will focus on the assessment of institutional change for gender equality through the "impact drivers" model. The model can inspire both Research Performing Organisations and Higher Education Institutions as well as other Certificate/Award owners regarding their gender equality efforts. The second part of the webinar will introduce the benchmarking tool developed by the CASPER project to establish the equivalency between the different existing gender equality certificates in Europe and the requirements as defined by the GEP eligibility criterion to access Horizon Europe funding. A panel discussion on the added-value of a new European gender equality certificate in conjunction to the GEP eligibility criterion will close the event.


View detailed agenda (pdf)


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